Sotos Syndrome - A Rare Genetic Disorder

Child Growth Foundation

Further information on Sotos Syndrome can be found on the Child Growth Foundations website and within the CFG guides below:

Sotos Syndrome - family information

Sotos Syndrome - parents guide

Sotos Theory of Mind

Contacting the Child Growth Foundation

CGF Helpline

The CGF helpline is available to everyone but if you are not a member and find the service helpful please consider becoming a member, because without the income from our members the service would not be available to help you and others.

Available from 9.30am until 4pm, Monday to Friday (please leave a message if we are not available and we will get back to you as soon as possible).

  • Friendly, informed staff
  • Practical advice
  • If we can’t answer your queries relating to growth, we will do our best to direct you to the relevant people

Telephone: 020 8995 0257 

The helpline is usually answered by Jenny or Ros, whose knowledge and expertise in growth conditions is vast. They have children who have a growth condition, so it gives them not only first hand knowledge of what is required but also a firm understanding of the needs and concerns of many.

If we are not able to answer your query, we have the support of many endocrinologists.

General Contact Details


Tam Fry - 0208 912 0722

Jenny Child - 0208 912 0723

Rosalind Chaplin - 0208 912 0720

Vreli Fry - 0208 912 0721



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